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FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) certificate


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FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) certificate

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What is FSC?

Founded in 1994, FSC™ stands for Forest Stewardship Council™ – an international, non-profit and multi-stakeholder organisation that acts to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. They’ve grown to become the world’s most trusted forest certification system, helping businesses and consumers feel confident their wood and paper products are from sustainable sources.

But why should you care? Let’s look at the stats: the Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forests per year, which is equal to 27 soccer fields every minute (source). Continuing at this rate could have devastating environmental and social impacts. So it’s the FSC’s mission to highlight the dangers of poor forestry practices and grow the demand for sustainably sourced products and suppliers.

As part of its mission, FSC™ works closely with landowners and workers to monitor the systems and processes and trace the lifecycle of production. This guarantees that the paper and timber supply in the market does not contribute to environmental destruction or habitat loss.

So, how can we make sure our paper and birchwood supply isn’t contributing to negative environmental impacts? With a highly sought-after FSC™ certification, of course.

What is an FSC™ Certification?
Having an FSC™ certification confirms the forest is adhering to strict environmental and social responsibilities. This can lead to…

Long-term protection of our forests
Preservation of biological diversity
Benefits for the local community and workers
There are ten principles that a forest must adhere to in order to gain the FSC™ certification and use of the FSC™ logo – these range from conservation efforts to workers’ rights. Therefore, an FSC™ certification deems products as responsible, providing environmental, social, and economic benefits based on both the lifecycle of the product and how it came to be.

According to the FSC™, only 3 percent of the world’s forests are plantations, but a third (30 percent) of the world’s forest products are produced by them (source). So you can see the problem on our hands.

Paper-based packaging with an FSC™ certification confirms to customers and suppliers that the wood used to create the product has been responsibly managed, taking into account sustainability measures like water and energy use, community support and the end product’s overall environmental rating.

What’s Involved in Holding an FSC™ Certification?
Holding an FSC™ certification is an ongoing commitment. And rightly so – this allows the FSC to keep a close watch on the suppliers and producers that use the logo.

For starters, it’s a rigorous process to hold an FSC™ Certification. It includes a thorough application process and detailed assessment on your standards and policies. Once your application is approved, a certification body will conduct annual audits. This keeps a tight grip on the entire supply chain.

Once you hold an FSC™ Certification, there are also strict rules on how you use the logo and licence code. All marketing and products must be approved by the FSC before you use them.

What’s more, each business that uses the FSC claim needs a chain of custody number (BioPak’s licence code is FSC™ C110879). This is FSC’s way of keeping track of the supply chain – verifying forest-based materials are meeting rigorous standards along the product’s entire path.

Finally, there are costs involved in FSC™ Certifications. The raw material is often more expensive and it’s a time-consuming process. But the investment is invaluable, as it’s our way of making sure we adhere to our business values and goals.

Benefits of an FSC Certification
It’s clear there are so many environmental benefits of an FSC™ certification: from the long-term protection of our forests to maintaining biological diversity. But did you know an FSC™ certification also represents so much more? The FSC™ works tirelessly to make sure ecological, social, and cultural needs of indigenous communities and workers are being upheld throughout the journey.

As a result, the FSC™ has had a profound impact on the logging industry both in Australia and around the world. Here’s how an FSC certification impacts the wider community…

Landowners are now applying responsible practices that preserve the natural ecosystem when it comes to plantations.
The FSC™ standards mean communities and local workers alike are enjoying economic and social benefits.
FSC™ certifications give consumers confidence that their paper-based packaging is a responsibly sourced product. Retailers can build trust in their brand and uncover marketing opportunities.
Help combat the growing number of plantations producing illegal timber. Countries around the world have legislation in place that bans the trade of illegally harvested timber and derived products. An FSC™ certification helps highlight landowners and workers who are performing sustainable forestry practices.
Thanks to the FSC™ processes, standards and regulations, illegal forestry has declined, and communities and landowners are enjoying numerous social and economic benefits. 

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