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        • Product Name: Dark Yellow cotton sewing thread
        • Product Number: SP0016

        Dark Yellow cotton sewing thread:

        High strength,evenness,bright,less broken ends,low elongation

        How to choose polyester sewing thread:

        Polyester sewing threads are widely used on high speed sewing machine.The machine runs fast that will produce strong tension and heat.So we need the thread to be high tenacity and smooth.In order to make the textile fabric look great.The thread colors need to be in bright color and great color fastness .

        Our polyester sewing threads are made of super DAHUA yarn and soaked in import silicon oil.Dyed with high quality environmental dyeing material.So our threads are less hairness,bright in colors,great color fastiness,meet with environmental requirements.

        Use Reference:

        20s/2: Jeans,shoes,caps,leather products etc.

        20s/3: Jeans,shoes,hangbags,leather products etc.

        30s/2: Art crafts,hangbags,protective suits etc.

        30s/3: Jeans,tents,leather products,hangbags,shoes etc.

        40s/2: Trousers,coats,suits,shirts,,shoes etc.

        40s/3: Protective suits,art crafts,shoes etc.

        50s/2: Knitted garments,suit-dress,under wear etc.

        50s/3: Art crafts,decorations.

        High Tenacity Polyester Filament Sewing Thread
        Nylon sewing thread,Polyester Filament Thread,Tetoron thread,features:high strength,suitable for sewing material of  Smooth, good color fastness & thickness.
        Advantage: High tenacity adequate low stetch top quality dyeing,adequate low sewing thick products.
        Counts Imension Diameter
        Length    Application
           80# 120D/3    0.23 ≥2.3kg 20900 Thin fabric & thin leather:Wallet,rainwear,fur clothing and so on
        150D/3    0.22 ≥2.0kg 27500
           60# 150D/3    0.25 ≥2.9kg 18000
           40# 210D/3    0.25 ≥2.7kg 18500 thick leather production like leather shoes, leather wallets, leather glovers, leather case, fur clothing & those tents, sofa,sheet and so on.
        250D/3    0.28 ≥3.3kg 15500
           30# 210D/3    0.32 ≥4.1kg 12300
        250D/3    0.33 ≥4.9kg 10500
           20# 210D/3    0.36 ≥5.5kg 9100
        250D/3    0.40 ≥6.5kg 7750
          3000D/3    0.38 ≥6.0kg 9000 1,thick leather production like sofa,sporting shoes,leather bagsand so on. 2,thick fabric production like kite, curtain,backpack,handmake production & Canvas.          
           10# 420D/3    0.45 ≥8.2kg 6400
        500D/3    0.48 ≥9.8kg 5500
           5# 630D/3    0.50 ≥12.3kg 4400
           0# 840D/3    0.60 ≥16.4kg 3200
          1500D/3    0.70 ≥20.5kg 2600 Mostly applicated into the production of broad-scale production.
          1260D/3    0.80 ≥24.6kg 2170
          1890D/3    1.10 ≥36.9kg 1460
        Certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and Chinese environment mark product certificate
        Brand Yunfu
        Grade AA Grade
        Color Pantone card colors,Client's colors are also acceptable.
        Price specific discussion
        Packaging 150g/cone,100cones/carton, NW:12kg,GW:150kg . Size:47.5*29*30cm


        Terylene thread
        Count Size  Ticket No.    Application
         60/2 180

        Thin fabric,Silk cloth nylon,Knitted fabrics and

        other Synthetic fiber fabric products

         50/2,80/3 140

        Normal thin-fabric clothing like fashions, T-shirt,skirt,kidswear,workwear,schoolwear,


        tie and so on.

         40/2,60/3,40/3 120,120,75 Medium & relative thick fabric like twill, Corduroy cloth,water-proof fabric production, thick clothing, trousers, skirts,suits,spur clothing, sweater,gloves and so on.
        50,30,T22 Thick fabric like jeans, canvas, PVC, leather,handbag,upper-of shoes,silver wallet,bag,leather glove,tentes,curtain,Chair cover leather case and so on.
          T10 Eichhornia core
        Material 100% Polyester(PP/PT thread)
        Certification OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and Chinese environment mark product certificate
        Brand Yunfu
        Grade AA Grade
        Color Pantone card colors,Client's colors are also acceptable.
        Price Specific discussion
        Feature High tenacity,low shrinkage,bright in colors,color fastness,smooth,meet with environmental requirements
        Packaging 150g/cone,100cones/carton, NW:13.5kg,GW:150kg .



        Fish thread

        Type:0.10MM,0.11MM,0.12MM,0.13MM,0.14MM and 0.15MM

        Packing:10000m/cone,5000m/cone,10000yds/cone,5000yds/cone, 1kg/cone

        Colors: more than 2000 colors

        Appreciate color card:


        Delivery Date & Payment Term:

        1).Inquiry: Welcome to inquiry us,We will reply you within 12 days.In order to serve for you better,Hope you can give us the detailed information of the orders.The more the better.

        2).Quotation: We ususlly give you the price of FOB XIAMEN.CNF,CIF,DDU,DDP are also acceptable.Welcome to negotiate with us.

        3).Sending Samples: We are glad to send free samples in stock to you.They will be sent to you within 3 days.Custom samples are welcomed.While it may take a little longer to send the samples.

        4).Delivery Date: According to the quantity and styles  you ordered.Usually it is 15-25 business day.Welcome to negotiate with us.

        5).Payment Term: Usually 30% deposit balance copy of BL.Welcome to negoate with us.            

        6). MOQ:Small trial order is acceptable.1000cones/color.

        Learn more about products detailed description, pricing and service, Please send mail to us!

        OEM is welcome !

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