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Fashionable Fleece Horse Rug with Collar/Horse Show Rug Blanket Basic Characteristic:

All purpose economy horse rugs,very soft and durable,it will not rub or irritate the horse, soak in sweat.


1.500g double layer, anti-pilling, 
2.rug only with strips printing 
3.two belly straps 
4.one tail cord




If you want to customize other styles of Fashionable Fleece Horse Rug with Collar/Horse Show Rug Blanket We assure you of our best services at all times. 

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If you need customized Fashionable Fleece Horse Rug with Collar/Horse Show Rug Blanket We can make them, please see our factory photoes, more than 15000 square meter shopfloor , workshop  for all horse products, saddle pad, horse halter &leash,ear bonnet,horse rugs, etc. welcome you to our factory . 



For all information about Fashionable Fleece Horse Rug with Collar/Horse Show Rug Blanket, Please contact me. Thank you.  


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