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Embroidery Label



1.It more facilitates matching with garments when compared with traditional embroidery. Finished garments can be pasted with embroidery label so as to achieve the effect.

2.Based on the improvement of the minimum order quantity, speed of complex process production, high price and single cloth processing of the traditional embroidery, the product is more suitable for being used for LOGO, trademarks and so   on  of the garments of companies.


Appearance of Embroidery Patch

The appearance of embroidery patch is because there are many garment styles and the minimum order quantity of product cannot be reached. The process that the whole batch of garments are cut and transported to the factory for processing is not required, and the freight cost is greatly saved.


Types of Embroidery Patch

Embroidery patches can be categorized into non-gum embroidery patches and gum embroidery patches. On the basis of the method of traditional computer embroidery, the embroidery is cut or hot-cut into embroidery pieces. Hot dissolved gum is coated on the back and the manufacture of embroidery patch is basically finished.


How to Use:

1. For non-gum embroidery patch, fix the edge part of the embroidery patch at the right position of the garment through the way of stitching.

2. For gum embroidery patch, fix the embroidery patch at the right part of the garment, heat with a heat pressing machine or iron until the gun is adhered to the fabric of the garment.

Gum embroidery patch is difficult to fall off under the condition of water washing or normal washing. If it falls off after repeated washing, only adding gum again and performing hot pressing compounding again are needed.



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