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Embroidery Patch

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Embroidery label

Embroidery badge is also called embroidery mark, and the English translation is: Embroidery Patch.

Advantages: compared with traditional embroidery, it is easier to match the clothing, and the finished garment can also be pasted with embroidery mark to achieve the effect.

The traditional embroidery for improved MOQ and complex production speed, high prices, clothing processing based on a single, more close to the clothing company LOGO, clothing trademark etc..

The emergence of embroidery Badge

Benefit due to clothing styles, and is not up to the production quantity of the trouble, in terms of transport without the whole batch of clothing pieces transported to the processing plant, but also greatly save freight cost.

Types of embroidery

Chapter embroidery can be divided into two categories: Chapter embroidery and embroidery without gum gum, in practice and traditional practices on the basis of computer embroidery embroidery and clipping or eagerly into embroidery block, on the back of the composite hot hot glue, making embroidery chapter basically completed.


The 1 chapter embroidery method: no gum, stitched the edge position can be fixed to the chapter embroidered dress.

The 2 chapter: gum embroidery, embroidery clothing required in fixed position, then press the iron or heat until gum and clothing fabric can dissolve,

Beijiao embroidery chapter is not easy to fall off in the washing water or normal washing conditions. As in repeated washing off again after the re pressing compound can be added back.

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